Extra-Curricular Activities

Smart Vision School believe that Extra-Curricular Activities play an important role in the development and upbringing of our pupils. We understand that our pupils are all different, and we appreciate the individual differences of each child. Smart Vision School wants to ensure our pupils not only receive an outstanding education, but develop their social skills and increase independence and self-confidence by unlocking the talents of each child.

In order to fulfill our mission, we introduce cultural, social, physical, and moral education programmes as a part of our curiculum and outside of the curriculum. Our goal is to provide every child with the opportunity of socialisation and development of his/her talent/s. We have a sporting, cultural, music and language based extra-curricular activity programme which encourages each child to participate in activities which meet his/her interest.

Activities & Events:

Field Trips

Culture Day / Carnival of National Costumes

Flag Day

Sports Day

National Day Celebration

Commemoration Day

Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday

Crazy Hats Day

Smart Vision School Has Got Talent!

Art Day

Math Brain Ring

Mother’s Day

French Festival

Earth Day/Science Fair

Spelling Bee

Drama Day